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X2 Furniture, based in Birmingham, is a consultancy-based business providing planning, design and refit solutions to the commercial sector.

X2 Furniture had recently launched a new website and approached Aliciam Marketing to assist them with their digital marketing strategy.  Previously, the majority of X2’s business had come from word of mouth and recommendations.  With the launch of the new website, X2 were now ready to increase their reach and drive traffic to their website.

We initially created a plan to research and write one blog per month and manage their social media on two platforms (Facebook and LinkedIn).  We also offered guidance and assisted the X2 team with growing their own confidence and skills when it came to social media.  Over time, the team have become quite proficient at managing their own social media and have grown their followers and reach significantly across both platforms.

With their posts, reach and followers increasing, we turned our attention to creating monthly emails, to continue to engage and delight their prospects and created a sequence of automated emails to ensure any leads were nurtured on an ongoing basis.

We also manage X2’s website, ensuring that it is kept up-to-date with relevant information, specific call to actions and effective lead magnets.  Not only does this impact search engine results, but it also improves the customer experience and aids lead generation.

X2 Furniture has been delighted with the results and we have recently completed a six month review and proposed a new strategy to build on the existing foundations and take their digital marketing strategy to the next level.

The Client: X2 Furniture

Link: x2furniture.co.uk

Services: Blog writing, social media planning, email marketing, digital marketing strategy, website management

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