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We met Dave Watson from Woodland Survival Crafts at a networking event.  Dave hadn’t been looking for anyone to help him with his marketing but we hit it off and I was fascinated about what he did.  Dave’s passion and enthusiasm is contagious and I knew that what he was doing really needed to be shouted about.  It was sometime later when Dave contacted us to arrange a chat about how we could help him.

We talked about what he was currently doing and where he wanted to take the business.  Following the meeting, we put together a number of marketing packages, catering to different budgets.  

As this was the first time Dave had enlisted professional help to market his business, he wanted to dip his toe in first.  We began by implementing a social media strategy, focusing on Facebook and LinkedIn.  We setup a Facebook page for the business and created a social media calendar for both Facebook and LinkedIn.  Within 3 days, Woodland Survival Crafts Facebook page went from having no followers to 1000 followers.  The page currently has 1947 followers.

Traffic to the website increased substantially, however, this didn’t result in the same increase in enquiries.  Subsequently, Dave, has now enlisted Aliciam Marketing to design and develop a new website for Woodland Survival Crafts.  We look forward to bringing you the finished result.

The Client: Woodland Survival Crafts


Services: Social media planning and social media account management

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