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Website Copywriting - Creating Buyer Personas

EPX Technical Services is an award-winning IT solutions provider based in Stafford.

We met CEO, Dan Ellis, at an event, where he was looking for a content writer to help craft copy for their new website.  At the time, EPX’s customer-base consisted mainly of customers who used IT support only when it was necessary or/and when they had a problem.  EPX wanted to make the shift to be more proactively involved with their customers – to provide ongoing IT support, helping businesses save time and money.

The business wanted to focus on their target audience’s pains and provide solutions to resolve these pains.  They wanted to build relationships with their target audience and be seen as an asset and essential to business growth and success.

Dan liked Aliciam’s approach of building brands through storytelling.  In a world where businesses are constantly battling for the attention of their prospects and customers, you need to be genuine and tell a story that appeals to your audience. You need to make a human connection.  It’s about resonating with people, people that need your help and guidance.

We visited EPX and spent the afternoon working through their storybrand for their different buyer personas.  We identified the problems the different personas were faced with and the solutions they were seeking.  We considered what success (and failure) looked like for these avatars, if they enlisted (or didn’t enlist) the services of EPX.

From this in-depth discussion, we were able to come up with a number of business challenges.  The copy for the website was created around these challenges and the solutions that EPX provide.

EPX were delighted with the whole process and the end result.

The Client: EPX Technical Services

Link: epx.co.uk

Services: Website copywriting, creating buyer personas

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