Haven’t got time to market your business?

‘Keeping Marketing Simple’

Haven’t got time to market your business

‘Simple packages, simple pricing’

Play to your strengths

‘No fuss marketing that gets results’

The only marketing agency you need

Getting results without the headache

At Aliciam Marketing, we believe that all businesses, no matter how large or small, should have access to great marketing that delivers results.

We know that the world of marketing can often seem like a minefield.  It’s easy to be bombarded with social media posts from companies all claiming to hold the key to success.  Companies that promise shiny new websites, failsafe social media calendars, video production, blog writing services.  The list goes on. Their messages are compelling and catchy – of course they would be – they’re marketeers!

It’s no wonder that so many businesses feel bamboozled by all of these options.  As a business owner just wanting to get on with what you’re best at and wanting to grow your business, what exactly should you be doing to increase leads?  Because let’s face it, that’s what you want to do. Ultimately, you want more customers!

It may surprise you then that the answer is really quite simple.  And there’s a rather straightforward process for doing so.

Through years of experience, working both client and agency side, we have developed a 5 Step process to allow small businesses to win at marketing – increasing leads and, ultimately, increasing customers.

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Why we’re different

With over 25 years of marketing experience, gained working across businesses of all shapes and sizes, we knew that when we created Aliciam Marketing that we wanted to do things differently.

We understand the frustrations many businesses face when trying to market their businesses.  There’s an overwhelming amount of advice out there and the popularity of social media has seen an explosion of so-called ‘experts’, all telling you that you need to do this and that.  It’s not surprising then that many businesses, feeling overwhelmed and confused by it all, simply end up doing nothing.  Or continue to plod along doing the ‘same old thing’.

That’s why we came up with our 5 Step Marketing Process – an easy to implement process that really gets results.  It’s not a quick win, you need to work at it, but when you follow the process you see results.  And we can manage as little or as much as you want for you.

We won’t just create a website for you and leave you to get on with it.  We won’t just give you a social media template and say ‘there you go’.  We won’t just give you some email templates to fire out when you remember.  We will be there at every step of the way, to make sure the strategy is working, that everything is aligned and, most importantly, that you’re getting the results you want.

 What’s not to love?

abuzz Interior Solutions

abuzz interior solutions logo

I have been working with Aliciam for the past few months, building my new website and domain also setting up social media platforms etc. and I can highly recommend Aliciam’s services.

Rob Bennett

X2 Furniture Ltd

X2 Furniture Ltd

We met with Claire and Kate to discuss ways of improving engagement with us through increased brand awareness, having recently had our X2Furniture website revamped.

They very quickly got the measure of our company and its offering, and have been producing weekly social media posts, together with undertaking Linked In management over the last couple of months. They have also added a new web page and created a very professional blog for our website, to help us offer relevant advice and thereby hopefully promote some of our ergonomic products and services specifically for homeworkers, particularly during the Coronavirus crisis.
We have been very pleased with the content quality of the posts and blog and the significant number of new strategic LinkedIn connections secured – these have resulted in some favourable comments.
Clive Poole

EPX Technical Services

EPX Technical Services

In the time we have been working with Kate she has been a tremendous asset to our company,  understanding our strategy and tone with an excellent degree of professionalism

Daniel Ellis

Woodland Survival Crafts

Woodland Survival Crafts

Being a bit of a specialist in the field of Bushcraft and Survival comes with its own limitations as my skill in promoting is rather out of balance with my ability to deliver. What Aliciam have done is grasped what is at the heart of what myself and my team do and turn it into dynamic blogs as well as help develop other initiatives. This has caused my web links to go from a small selection to a couple of thousand. Kate is a real pleasure to work with and discuss ideas. Her belief in what we do is proved by her booking members of her family onto courses. I have gained a level of comfort knowing I have people doing what I am not able to do well.

Dave Watson